Chocolate Covered Tropical Fruits


Written by Kelly Fiset

Marketing and Creative Services Coordinator at ArdoVLM

April 19, 2017

These chocolate covered fruits are produced from tree ripened Tropical fruit. The fruits are hand crafted, and enrobed with the best Belgian chocolate using Liquid Nitrogen freezing technology.


A Unique Treat

  1. Finest quality in terms of raw material and freezing technology.
  2. Produced from fresh fruit at its peak season with vitamins and nutrients “locked in” as frozen at minus 196 C, with 18-24 months shelf life. Storage condition at minus 18 C or below.
  3. Innovative products with ease of handling and no waste,  ideal for Chefs to create any value added menus from these products.
  4. Superb for party snacks. Elegant and appealing on the table.
  5. Easy preparation and can be part of everyday meals for the whole family.
  6. Healthy, delicious and suitable for people of all ages.

Tropical Flavors

Banana, Logan (Litchi Family), Mango, Pineapple, Coconut, Cherries and more…

Chocolate Covered Tropical Fruits

Pack size :  6 pcs/tray (9g/pc, 54 g/tray).  For retail pack, clients may choose 3 trays (18 pcs/162 g) or 4 trays (24 pcs/216 g).

Chocolate Covered Tropical Fruits