Colorful Products from Ecuador


Written by Kelly Fiset

Marketing and Creative Services Coordinator at ArdoVLM

March 28, 2017

Our colorful product blends are fun and healthy ways to add color to any dinner plate.

4-Color Cauliflower

These cauliflower florets are washed, trimmed, blanched, individually quick frozen and sorted to ensure equal amounts of purple, green, orange and white cauliflower.

• Naturally colorful through Hybridization
• Equal amounts of purple, green, orange and white cauliflower
• Hand-trimmed florets are consistent in size
• Blanched and quick frozen to limit the amount of color bleeding

4-Color Cauliflower


Other Colorful products from Ecuador

4-Color Carrots
White Carrots
Yellow Carrots
Orange Carrots
Purple carrots

Colorful Carrots
4-Color Carrots

Multicolored California Blend
Broccoli Florets
4-Color Cauliflower
4-Color Carrots

Multicolored California Blend

**Packed as per customer requirements
**Available in conventional and organic

Non-GMO Hybrid Seeds to create these colorful products
Hybrids are created through natural, low tech methods. By selectively breeding two different but related plants over 6-10 generations, eventually a new plant variety is created. It requires patience, but is rewarding. Varieties are healthier, and can stand up to a farmer’s micro-climate.
F1 hybrids are achieving the same outcome but through only one generation.
These hybrids are just as natural as their historic counterparts.


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