Vegetable Bites

Vegetable Bites – Healthy, Quick & Easy


Written by Kelly Fiset

Marketing and Creative Services Coordinator at ArdoVLM

May 16, 2017

Vegetable Tots, Nuggets, Sticks and More…

With Veggie centric diets on the rise and street food inspired ideas trending for 2017, VLM is now offering a variety of healthy vegetable bites.

These bites come in the form of tots, nuggets, sticks and even burger patties. Quite Versatile!
**All upon the customer’s request.

Vegetable Bites
Vegetable Bites

They’re all pre-baked or pre-fried so you just need to pop them into the oven, pan or deep fry. Ready in just minutes. These tasty, crunchy snacks with their fresh vegetable taste are irresistible for children and adults alike. Ideal for vegetarians!

The easy prep and versatility of these bites makes them ideal for any occasion, afternoon snack or fancy hors d’oeuvres – These bites pass the test!

**Produced in Austria

**Packaging for Food Service or Retail

Available in an array of great flavors

Beet, Bean & Bulgur Bites

Mixed Veggie Bites

Quinoa & Butternut Bites

Curly Kale Quinoa Burgers

Broccoli Nuggets

Mixed Veggie Sticks

**Additional Flavor Combinations available

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