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From farm to market we are dedicated to supply chain integrity management.

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Protect the brand, grow the business

Be it supporting foreign suppliers with pro-bono regulatory oversight or undertaking 2nd party food safety auditing thereby ensuring the safety and quality of the foods we bring to market, ArdoVLM is dedicated to protecting the interests, brands and reputations of our suppliers and customers alike.

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Hassle free delivery

At VLM we’re as obsessed with product quality as we are with delivering the right product at the right time, right place and right price. And orchestrating the moving parts of production schedules; global transportation routes and international regulatory requirements within a customer centric just-in-time delivery logistics system is simply part of a day’s work at VLM.

Food Innovation always moving up

Keep it lean

From economy of scale transport to intimate knowledge of the most efficient ways to cross international borders while employing our volume positions in crop contracting and logistics service agreements, ArdoVLM’s lean operating process is uniquely focused on generating business partner savings.

Food Innovation always moving up

Master risk management

While there’s no such thing as zero risk, proactively managing risk reduces both the likelihood of an incident/disruption as well as its impact/cost and studies show that supply chain disruptions negatively impact shareholder wealth. With in-house food safety and regulatory professionals working alongside financial experts and skilled logisticians as part of VLM’s supply chain integrity management system, risk management is a core value adding operation at VLM and something we excel at.


Service is the ultimate reward

Customer care and vendor support services are critical value drivers at ArdoVLM. Be it engineering new product development or investing in state of the art processing equipment to be fitted on a supplier’s production line, focusing on service solutions guarantees a healthy ROI.

Food Innovation always moving up

Kelly Fiset

Marketing & Creative Services Coordinator

“From farm to market, our food system links producers to the folks who we all ultimately report to…..end consumers, their families and friends. I hope you’ll check in from time to time.”

Food Innovation always moving up


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