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Food processor, agri-food marketer and trusted vendor of frozen fruits & vegetables and ancient grains which we proudly supply to our clients across the globe.


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Founded in 2001 as an international food trading company, ArdoVLM is now a recognized leader in global food supply chain integrity management.

Building on an import-export business model with strategic investments in food safety auditing; farming and food processing, ArdoVLM’s commitments to brand protection are the foundation upon which we guarantee the quality of the competitively priced foodstuffs that we bring to market.

Service, quality and integrity day in and day out, year after year.



ArdoVLM always moving forward...

  •  La Paz recognized as the world’s first carbon neutral tropical fruit processor
  •  Innovated new RTE Kale products
  •  In-house Food Safety and Quality Assurance team
  •  Innovated new prepared Quinoa meals
  •  Established relationships with North America’s largest food distributors
  •  Employ a full-time Latin American based Agronomist
  •  Partnered with organic farmers in Latin America

Kelly Fiset

Marketing & Creative Services Coordinator

“From farm to market, our food system links producers to the folks who we all ultimately report to…..end consumers, their families and friends. I hope you’ll check in from time to time.”


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