Don’t forget the Classics


Written by Kelly Fiset

Marketing and Creative Services Coordinator at ArdoVLM

November 14, 2017

Classic – Veggie Power

Driven by ongoing research into new varieties and the latest trends in food, the ArdoVLM Classics range brings you vast variety of  single vegetables or convenient mixes. Ranging from basic to exotic this wide selection offers something for every pallet. A range of possibilities for healthy, vitamin-rich meals.

Available throughout the year with guaranteed quality. These vegetables are briefly blanched, size-graded, cut, sliced or diced. Continuous quality control during production and fully traceable from raw materials to final products.

Classics mono: A wide selection of Single vegetables.

Classics Mixes: This range includes all your favorite vegetables plus a wide range of mixes to feed your imagination. A versatile range to suit every dish. This classic selection offers the customer a broad choice of essential ingredients with the certainty of the Ardo quality.

Ardo Classics Range

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